Nothing is more important than one’s health which is why Buhajar Group is dedicated to helping the people in the region to obtain the best medical treatment when necessary. We founded United Global International to help our clients manage the complicated labyrinth of healthcare facilities, hospitals, medical insurance, pharmaceuticals, and professional physicians and use our extensive network of connections in the fields of healthcare, both nationally and abroad, to give our clients first peace of mind so that they can concentrate on getting better. In the future, we plan to open our own clinics and healthcare facilities to be able to deliver the best medical treatments possible in the areas where they are needed.
UGI specializes in the field of healthcare management and medical tourism with offices in Libya, Turkey, Italy, and Malta. We help build the capacity of healthcare professionals and institutions by building a strong relationship with the best hospitals, specialized clinics, convalescent centers, and renowned doctors in various countries including Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Austria, and Jordan in order to ensure the best treatment for our clients.

Our Healthcare Services

UGI is committed to providing the best services at affordable prices through our network of contacts in order to bring good health and comfort to all our clients. We provide the following services:

  • Consulting with patients on a regular basis or in urgent situations.
  • Choosing the most appropriate facility or doctor for treatment according to the patient’s case.
  • Organizing the logistics of treatment abroad by arranging reception and transportation from the airport in a comfortable vehicle with a multilingual driver.
  • Providing ambulance service when needed.
  • Arranging for clean, comfortable accommodations that offer amenities to ease the circumstances.
  • Arranging car rental services.
  • Providing care and special services for women, for people with special needs, and for celebrities and VIPs that often require special security arrangements.
  • Translating documents in a timely manner when needed.
  • Providing follow up treatment and 24-hour access to physicians by phone.
  • Offering a variety of convalescence trips and tours.

Medical Treatment

UGI offers a wide variety of medical treatments for patients in the following medical areas:

  • cardiology
  • surgery
  • ENT (ears, nose and throat)
  • dental treatment
  • gynecology and obstetrics
  • cosmetic surgery

We also offer rehabilitation through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other treatments for pain necessary after surgery in order to regain normal health. A medical spa is offered as well for relaxation and wellness, designed for both men and women.


Your health and well-being truly matters to us; hence, we have established a Medical Center at MaxxFit. Our Medical Center “MaxxFit Clinic” focuses on delivering the highest-quality advanced clinical care for sports- related injuries and medical conditions that include muscle and joint pain, sprains and concussions in a patient- friendly setting.

MaxxFit Clinic is equipped with the latest medical devices to guarantee a quick recovery and an improved performance under the supervision of our renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Laith El-sanfaz.

Dr. Laith El-sanfaz is a sports physician and physical rehabilitation medicine consultant at Benghazi Medical Center (BMC), a team physician for the Libyan National Football A Team and Al Itihad Football Club, Libya. He is also the head of the Sports Injury Unit of BMC.