Buhajar Real Estate

Buhajar Real Estate develops residential properties that not only deliver comfort, luxury, and affordability but are also part of a safe and serene community in order to give its residents peace of mind. We are also working on building commercial developments that will benefit the local community and be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Buhajar Real Estate was founded on the principles of quality, reliability, innovation, and service. These ideas, combined with our extensive knowledge of the local market, have created the blueprint for the fastest growing real estate development company in the region. We emphasize quality construction with ultra-modern design and amenities to provide the ultimate in modern property development.


The first project of Buhajar Real Estate, which is currently under construction, is the ambitious gated community of Living Well that is a new concept in urban development in Libya.

Built on 40,000 square meters with 25 units, the residential community offers countless amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, a health club, and a beauty center harmoniously set in natural surroundings with parks, picnic areas, and a man-made lagoon.
Residents can choose between various designs and locations within the community in order to tailor their property to their desires. All villas or semi-villas will be constructed in accordance with the highest international building standards. Living Well will provide its residents and guests with an unforgettable experience that promises to put Libya at the forefront of tourism in the region.