Buhajar Investment Company

Buhajar Investment Company was established in 2015 to expand and diversify the group's asset exposure by investing in global equity markets, mutual funds, and private placements as well as in direct equity. The company's aim is to attain attractive and sustainable returns by deploying capital in areas where the company recognizes attractive opportunities around the globe.

Buhajar Investment Co. also invests in high growth sectors by taking necessary hedging strategies to moderate the risk and aims to capitalize on global economic growth in the most effective manner.

The company is managed by a highly professional and talented team that has immense experience in managing global investments and conducting extensive research as well as interacting with international banks and other financial institutions, thereby benefiting our returns through their expertise and professional capabilities.

The company also seeks to support the existing group businesses and assess potential opportunities primarily in local and regional markets. Mergers and acquisitions are two areas where the company provides valuable inputs to other divisions in order to have efficient vertical and horizontal integration.