Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to the Buhajar Group which was built by the Buhajar family. Our flagship of the Group is Buhajar Jewelry, one of the oldest gold jewelry shops in Libya and one of the first to bring diamonds and other previous gems to the country. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to expanding our jewelry enterprise to include luxury goods from established brands in the near future. Keeping the rich traditions of the Group and enhancing the well-established culture of our business as well as expanding into new ventures is not only my duty but my pleasure.

Since the success of our jewelry enterprise, the Group has diversified into the food and beverage business by opening unique Italian inspired coffee shops, Caffe Casa, and I am particularly pleased that we have begun to realize our dream of global branding by opening an outlet in Turkey. We have also entered into the clothing and fashion industry by entering into partnerships with several clothing companies that offer quality fashion at affordable prices which is what the market can support at this time but we are poised to expand into high end fashion in the more prosperous future. We are also currently opening a trading business in order to offer high quality reliable fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) at affordable prices.

Given our dedication to healthy living, the sports and wellness industry was, of course, a logical choice, so we opened our own unique sports facilities and offer only healthy choices at our food establishments. In addition, we have earnestly delved into the healthcare industry in order to support the deteriorated medical situation in Libya and the area which lacks several key life-saving medical services. Also, since Buhajar Group has a good reputation in the area for honesty and trustworthy business dealings,
it was also logical for us to include financial services that mainly involve monetary exchange at this time but will expand into others in the future.

Buhajar Group has entered into real estate development in order to build commercial, residential, and hotel projects that deliver comfort and luxury along with reliability and affordability. We have also entered into the media sector by offering the latest media and marketing services to help other businesses to prosper in this ever changing world.

I am proud of the evolution of our Group over the past six decades, where our expansions in the field of jewelry and other sectors as well as our many strategic partnerships and outstanding management and passionate employees have guided our Group to our successful expansion and prosperity.

We are aware that the future holds many challenges for us as a business as well as the region. However, we know that we are up to the challenge because of our resilient management and talented staff that have worked diligently to create an exceptional financial track record as well as outstanding customer service.

We look forward to becoming the first destination for anyone looking for the best products and services and know that we can achieve our goals with your faith and your trust in us for which we will always be grateful and work hard to uphold.
abdurrauf buhajar
abdurrauf buhajar
Abdurrauf Buhajar is the visionary and passion behind the explosive expansion and growth of the Buhajar Group. It is his goal to see the Group expand and diversify even more and become the leading conglomerate in the region.

Born in Tripoli to a successful business family, Abdurrauf has always been proud of his family and his Libyan roots and has a deep sense of connection to his homeland and its people which is why he works so hard to improve the economic situation there and in other areas in the region hit hard by conflicts and economic downturns.

Wanting to get the best education possible in order to improve the family business, Abdurrauf earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double major in Management and Marketing and a minor in Psychology from the University of Oregon, USA, in 1989.

After graduating he returned to Tripoli to enter into the jewelry business of his family. However his father, a pragmatic man, had his son start at the bottom by first serving tea and cleaning the outlets. It was important to Mustafa Buhajar that his son learned all aspects of the business but mostly that he learned humility and not take his position for granted. It was a lesson that he learned well and took to heart.
A little over a year after starting back in the business, Abdurrauf stepped into the well-earned position of CEO and Partner running the family jewelry business, Buhajar Jewelry.

However, never has Abdurrauf’s passion and determination been shown more ardently than his devotion to health and physical wellness. An avid bodybuilder and professional competitor for over 27 years representing Libya, Abdurrauf knows what it means to devote oneself to healthy living and physical exercise. During his career, he won numerous metals, both locally and internationally, demonstrating his drive for success in all aspects of his life.
He has also served in senior positions in the Libyan and African bodybuilding federations and was the business consultant for the Libyan Olympic Committee. It is this commitment to wellness, whether healthy living or peace of mind through job security and safety, which underlines many of the business decisions of the Group.

Under the passionate leadership of Abdurrauf, Buhajar Group looks forward to a thriving future that will keep expanding into key sectors that will benefit their customers and clients with high quality goods and services, employees with an energetic dynamic working environment and significant training, and the community with prosperity and a clean healthy environment in which to raise their families.


Libyan Bodybuilding Championship, Libya

Medal: Gold


Libyan Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championship, Libya

Medal: Gold


Honorable Late Abdul Fatah Issa Bodybuilding Championship, Libya

Medal: Gold


Munich International, Germany

Medal: Bronze


Laster Bodybuilding Championship, UK

Medal: Bronze


Wales Bodybuilding Championship, UK

Medal: Silver


African Bodybuilding Championship, Mombasa, Kenya

Medal: 4th place


African Bodybuilding Championship, Tripoli, Libya

Medal: Silver



Our leadership is comprised of talented passionate employees applying advanced technology, innovation, and sound business practices. Through their education and vast experience, they understand the evolving needs of our customers and the ever-changing market and therefore strategically plan for the future in order to avoid all potential problems and pitfalls. They provide the vision that directs our operations and openly share that vision in order to strengthen our resolve. Finally, they inspire all by example through their dedication and integrity. We are proud to introduce our leaders.

Our Team

Abdurrauf Buhajar


M. Khaled Shaibani


Majdi Natfa

Deputy CEO

Yusuf Akugur

Financial Advisor

John Bustain

Food and Beverages Director

Alex Piercecalanchone

Legal Advisor

Adel Arafa

Head of Italy Business Unit