Since the 1940s the Buhajar family has been building its legacy of outstanding customer service and fast growing business. From a simple textile business to renowned high end jewelry outlets to a diversity of key sector businesses, Buhajar Group has been successfully expanding in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

We are especially proud of our pioneer business of Caffe Casa which is a trendy coffee shop concept that captures the delicious tastes and aromas as well as the relaxing ambiance of an authentic Italian coffee shop. Besides the coffee classics, Caffe Casa develops its own original recipes adapting to local tastes and customer needs. Our menu also includes healthy gourmet cold and hot sandwiches using the finest ingredients complimented by an extravagant array of indulgent desserts and chilled drinks.

Franchise Partners

We are interested in unearthing other organizations that equally share our passion and enthusiasm for our brand as well as our commitment to quality and customer service in order to establish franchises. We want franchise partners that are established companies with local knowledge, retail experience, the financial capacity to support growth, and the desire to develop a successful franchise business.

Franchise Agreement Benefits

You benefit from:
Our successfully tried and tested range of delicious coffees and other beverages, classics as well as our own unique hand crafted recipes, complimented by an appetizing food menu of sandwiches and desserts which can be glocalized to your community.
Our experience in successfully running a chain of coffee houses that can be tailored to your needs, whether you want a kiosk, lounge, or large coffee house.
Our assistance in searching for the optimum site, conducting market research, training all personnel, and developing a unique glocalized menu
In order to establish a new franchise of Caffe Casa, fill out the following initial inquiry form, the first step in Exporting the Smile!