About Us

About Us

The Buhajar Group is a well established and trusted conglomerate looking to reinvigorate the business environment in Libya and the surrounding regions. The Buhajar Group was founded by the Buhajar family, who started business in the 1940’s, and now operates in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, and is actively working to expand into other regions. The family started in the textile trade and then successfully expanded into high end jewelry which laid a solid foundation for their business to diversify and grow upon. The Group has since expanded into the key sectors of fashion, food and beverages, sports and wellness, trading, real estate development, financial services, media, healthcare, and logistics under the guidance of Abdurrauf Buhajar, the CEO and third generation Buhajar in the family business.
Quality goods and services that are in accordance with international standards coupled with outstanding customer service that is in tune with local traditions and an unshakable set of values has propelled the Group to become a highly trusted organization and the partner of choice for many international and local corporations seeking to break into the North African market or other areas in which we have an extensive network of connections built through the years. Our solid grounding in a core set of beliefs and values along with a clear vision and determination has made it possible for the Group to grow and thrive in a world that is rapidly changing and often full of risks. As we face the future, we are actively planning further expansion and diversification in areas that benefit our region and its people and we are confident that Buhajar Group will succeed.



An import/export textile business is opened.


Buhajar Jewelry is launched offering high quality gold jewelry with outstanding personalized service.


Buhajar Jewelry expands into high end gold jewelry.


Buhajar Jewelry imports diamonds and other precious gems.


Abdurrauf Buhajar joins Buhajar Jewelry and becomes CEO.


Buhajar Jewelry participates in international exhibitions and matches international trends.


Alula Tourism Services is launched to make Libya a tourist destination.


Buhajar Jewelry enters into a joint venture with Damas Jewelry.


Alula Club opens in Tripoli which is a club that offers a safe and peaceful place for families to meet and relax and to stage special events.


Alula Catering Co. provides a first-class food catering service for oil service companies in the field, offices, government institutions, and V.I.P.s.


Green Land Oil Services supplies manpower and logistics services to international oil companies like Petros Bras from Brazil, Woodside from Australia, and Statoil from Norway.


Caffe Casa opens in Libya which is a unique chain of Italian inspired coffee shops that serve premium authentic Italian roasted coffee with our own innovative twist along with a rich menu of cold and hot sandwiches, fresh fruit drinks, and desserts in comfortable relaxing surroundings.


Franchises with British Home Stores (BHS) and M&Co through our company House of Fashion with Camilleri Group of Malta are formed in order to provide high quality clothing and home accessories at reasonable prices.


Nour Libya Company for Media and Marketing Consultation is launched as a joint venture with a well-known marketing company.


Buhajar Trading and Commercial Agencies is established and obtains a franchise agreement with Piazza Italia, a stylish Italian brand that carries a wide variety of good quality clothing at reasonable prices, under the company IBHL International Brands Holding Limited based in Malta.


Buhajar Jewelry expands by opening a contemporary luxurious outlet in Istanbul.


United Group International forms to handle tourism, medical, and logistic services for Libyans and other Arabs abroad.


Buhajar Real Estate forms to develop residential properties like Living Well as well as commercial ones that offer safe and peaceful environments that are also environmental friendly and sustainable.


Buhajar Exchange is launched to securely handle the financial needs of our customers for currency exchange and money transfer.


Caffe Casa “exports the smile” and expands to other cities around the world by opening its first outlet in Istanbul, Turkey.


MaxxFit is launched which is a revolutionary sports facility that offers not only fitness training classes, bodybuilding, and weight loss programs but also luxurious surroundings with a spa and a wholesome atmosphere with healthy food through Caffe Casa Sport and a vitamin shop.


Caffe Casa signs an agreement to open two franchise outlets in the Berlin Mall in Germany.


Buhajar Trading is formed to import and distribute fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) from well-known international brands, such as SCITEC Nutrition, USA and imports essential goods like rice, tea, and sugar.


Buhajar Jewelry expands to include luxury goods such as perfume, leather products, and accessories that complement its high end jewelry lines.


Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of high quality consumer products and services that adhere to international standards and our company values in ever expanding markets internationally and locally.


Our mission is to deliver superior value to our customer, stakeholders, employees,and society at large through:
  • High quality, innovative products and services.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • A highly qualified and passionate team.
  • Distinguished partnerships with esteemed suppliers, organizations, and investors.


The guiding principle at Buhajar Group is very simple: “Do the right thing”. This modest idea drives all the operations and underpins all the values that the Group holds to be true when dealing with customers, stakeholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate. These values are unwavering and have ground our business in a solid base that can withstand all the changes and obstacles we encounter, both socio-political and economical.


We will always act with integrity and honesty in all our dealings and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct.

Customer Satisfaction

We will strive for all customers to have a positive emotional experience and satisfaction from interaction with our people, products, and services.

Our People

We will work to improve the situation of our employees, our greatest assets, by providing training opportunities to enhance their knowledge, achievement, and overall effectiveness, including their personal growth, but also the condition for all people in the community and country as we value them all.


We will deliver excellence and strive to improve the quality of all brands, products, or services that we deal with in order to give value for the money paid.


We will make every effort to create an energetic and enthusiastic working environment where everyone is gladly engaged and inspired to give his or her best. We are mindful of our past and our traditions but always passionately moving forward, innovating, and improving.


We will only deal with products and services that promote the wellness of our customers and clients, employees, and community.